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Days 1 to 3: Friday 26 to Sunday 28 September 2014

Coxs River Three Day Walk

This easy going crowd left after 9am and still had bundles of time to explore along the Coxs River.
(l. to r.) Isaac Lichtenstein, Annette Prehn, Dylan Todd, Carol Isaacs (squatting), Keith Muir, Tony Le (squatting), Pam Campbell.

Along with the hardy Adventure Walkers, seven others explored the Coxs River for three days. The Six Foot Track and the bush around it is in a much better condition than when I last walked it 25 years ago. Just look at this wonderful lunch spot by the Coxs River.

The walk party of Tony, Isaac, Carol, Dylan, Annette, Pam and I had a great time. 

There was a down side through. Beside the bridge over the Coxs River, a slope of Backhousia dry rainforest has been cleared by a property owner to gain a better view down the river. Although there are just a few large tents on the property, it seems that a dwelling is planned. Too nice a day to worry about this, and we will be back for sure!

On Dave Noble's suggestion we returned to Katoomba via Devils Hole, a narrow rainforest lined slot leading up to suburbia. Last time I walked that way the track up to the slot was through open forest. Now the slopes below the cliffs are covered in black wattle and was nice and cool on this warm Sunday. 









(Above) On Sunday afternoon, Dylan Todd and Carol Isaacs the youngest and oldest on the Coxs River 3 day walk on a rock outcrop above Devils Hole survey where came from. (Below) Isaac Lichtenstein climbs up the Devils Hole toward Cliff Drive, Katoomba. 

Devils Hole, lookout walkers on 3 Day Coxs River walk celebrate end of walk (image: A. Prehn)

Keith Muir

Walk day: