Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Day 2: Saturday: 27 September 2014

Adventure Walk

Adventure walkers were ready to leave Old Ford Reserve at 8.30am.

Myles Dunphy wrote that

Where the track reaches the Coxs River gorge and turns south there is a place showing “the prospect down the gorge from the track, the dark mass of Minni Minni Range and . . . . beyond that the Black Range.” 

Note: Minni Minni is also called Gibraltar Rocks and in 1914 

“the opposite side of the gorge still in its natural state is particularly rough and very steep in places. On our side where the track is, the timber has been ringbarked and burnt off and presents a dismal spectacle.”

Sierra and Alex by Coxs River Bridge

It's a long climb up the Black Range but at this point 

“the spirit of the bush, the hour and the surroundings got hold of me. I simply let myself go, yelled a song or two and cooeed loud and long.” 

Myles did a bit of fancy cursing later as his energies dropped with the cold and fog and the load of the swag but the climb had to be done.
On Saturday 27th September our adventure walkers climbed up out of the Coxs River valley in perfect weather.    (Image copyright: Dave Noble)
Myles Dunphy claimed that new fangled Heinz Baked Beans were

“ eye opener. Never before in camp had we tasted anything as good.”


Sierra's Journal - from the Cox’s River to Black Range

Just before arriving at the Cox’s River, we found a cave with native bees in it. After a recent run in with a lot of bee enthusiasts, I am now greatly interested in bees. Seeing a native bee’s nest was very worthwhile.

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