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Battle for the Bush $29.95

Geoff Mosley's account of the genesis of the nature conservation movement and how the Alps and the Blue Mountains were saved (174pgs).

Blue Mountains for World Heritage $16.50

The original proposal by Geoff Mosley provides the a comprehensive explanation of the wealth of heritage values in the Blue Mountains (135pgs).

Blue Mountains World Heritage $50.00

Alex Colley and Henry Gold's description of the 67 year campaign culminating in World Heritage listing (136pgs)

Celebrating Wilderness $60.00

Spectacularly illustrated, Celebrating Wilderness makes the ideal gift but it is more than a picture book; it is essential reading for those who support wilderness protection (120pgs).


Classic bushwalking maps by Myles Dunphy (Gangerang and Kowmung Maps) $10 ea

Other Myles Dunphy Sketch Maps on display and for sale at our map gallery.

The Gardens of Stone Visitors Map, 2nd Edition $10.00

The Gardens of Stone visitors map has been created to showcase the area and provide visitors with a guide to some of the more remarkable and accessible areas.


Living with the Dingo $19.00

The dingo: friend or foe? Adam O'Neill outlines the importance of keeping the dingo as a top order predator to save endangered species from extinction, challenging much scientific opinion on dingo behaviour. (107pgs).

Myles Dunphy - selected writings $39.95

Selected writings from an "extraordinary man who did more for bushwalking and the cause of conservation than any other individual in Australia." - Paddy Pallin AM (218pgs).

Repaying my Debt $30.00

Dr Geoff Mosley is one of Australia’s most respected conservationists. Enjoy his passion for the environment and why he has spent a life fighting for it.

Sustainability $20.00

Alex Colley provides his vision on a sustainable future (90pgs).Colong Bulletin #220 Review

Wilderness - The Future $10.00 ***Special Price***

The proceedings of the fourth national wilderness conference (292pgs).

The index describes the land ownership, values, history and threats to NSW wild places (500pgs).

Wild Places $27.50

The meticulously researched, beautifully written book on wilderness by Peter Prineas with photographs by Henry Gold (285pgs).