Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

6th NWC - PPT Presentations

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The key question this conference sought to answer was how tourism should relate to wilderness and national parks? Presenters included researchers, tourism industry representatives, conservationists and park managers from every side of this important debate.

Key note address:
New Zealand’s national park and wilderness area system:
its evolution, protection and threats

Dr Les Molloy, NZ reserve management consultant

Commercial Tourism in Protected Areas yes or no?
Dr Terry DeLacy,
Centre for Tourism and Services Research, Victoria University

The role of wilderness in nature conservation
Prof Brendan Mackey, Director,
Griffith University, Climate Change Response Program

Tourism in National Parks: An international perspective
Guy Castley,
International Centre for Ecotourism Research, Griffith University

The Commodification of Nature
by Dr. Haydn Washington, Visiting Fellow, Institute of
Environmental Studies, UNSW

Managing tourism in protected areas:
impact monitoring and indicators

Assoc Prof Catherine Pickering, Griffith University

Travel Shouldn’t Cost the Earth:
Managing tourism in protected areas - industry certification

Kym Cheatham,
Chief Executive Officer, Ecotourism Australia Limited

Wilderness Conference questions

The NSW Government view - new approach to engaging and attracting park visitors
Bob Conroy, A/Head, National Parks and Wildlife

The Industry Perspective - 21 years of Ecotourism in Australia
Kym Cheatham, Chief Executive Officer
Ecotourism Australia Limited

Field Report - the north
Glen Klatovsky, The Wilderness Society

Field Report - NSW
Keith Muir, Colong Foundation for Wilderness

Field Report - Tasmania
Nick Sawyer, Tasmanian National Parks Association

Field Report - the west
Glen Klatovsky, The Wilderness Society

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