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Posted: 3 April 2014
The NCC advises that the NSW Government has proposed sweeping changes to the regulation of logging operations in our state forests. If these proposals become law, the proposed changes will:
Posted: 16 February 2014
Alex Colley OAMNote: Wonderful tributes to Alex from the Colong Foundation, the Sydney Bush Walkers and ABC Radio National are below.
Posted: 10 February 2014
Sonia Bennett is a singer, songwriter, artist and bush regenerator. She points out that it is easier and less costly to look after healthy, protected bushland that to fix it after it has been damaged or destroyed.
Posted: 4 February 2014
Please write a letter to Parliamentarians supporting the draft Blue Mountains draft LEP, 2013
Posted: 16 August 2013
Local scientist, musician and photographer extraordinaire, Wyn Jones, gave a presentation at the National Landscapes Forum last month. Wyn writes of his love for the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, its wildlife and wilderness. Wyn is a great advocate for nature conservation and this is his story.
Posted: 19 July 2013
Jim Somerville recently resigned from the Colong Foundation Board of Directors and Tom Widdup, one of our younger Board members wrote to Jim saying that 'there can be no substitute for the sustained focus that Jim and his contemporaries have brought to the vexed arena of conservation politics.  I am honored to have worked alongside Jim and he is the kind of man I will be telling my children and grandchildren about when they ask me why I am a proud greenie.'
Posted: 2 November 2012
Infrastructure NSW has proposed that the O’Farrell Government immediately restart the proposal to raise Warragamba Dam wall by 23 metres that was rejected back in 1995. 
Posted: 21 September 2012
Wilderness, tourism and national parks: taking stock and looking aheadUniversity of Technology, Sydney, 21-23 September 2012Conference papers and power point presentations
Posted: 5 September 2012
The proposals for a new NSW planning scheme contained in the in the Green Paper are deeply disturbing. These proposals  would bring about a significant reduction in environmental protection, public participation in decision making and access to the courts.  Community and conservation activists should not wait till these proposals are fleshed out but object to the general thrust of the proposed deregulation plan now.
Posted: 15 August 2012
This excellent video of dramatic images by Ian Brown and others (see below) that Karen McLaughlin has put to original new music by the noted composer Amanda Handel, with the assistance of the composer. Special thanks to those who generously donated their images for this video: Andrew Valja, Rob Baigent, Judith Bennett, Ian Brown, Julie Flavell, Chris Jonkers, John Harris, Akos Lumnitzer, Julian Robinson, Sonja Ross and L & M Turton, Julie Favell and Chris Jonkers.

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